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Derf Jerky Collection

Derf Jerky Collection

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  • Derf Jerky from Quebec, Canada is gourmet jerky that delivers unique flavors, and brings a new twist to the jerky experience.

A collection of Derf Jerky's finest jerky and meat snacks. This kit is ideal for the outdoors, a vacation, a gift or for a protein boost. 

4 Bags Total - 240g 

1 Bag - Derf Jerky Coconut Cumin Beef Jerky - 60g

1 Bag - Derf Jerky Honey Dijon Beef Jerky  - 60g

1 Bag - Derf Jerky Cola & Red Pepper Beef Jerky - 60g

1 Bag - Derf Jerky Smoked Raspberry Beef Jerky - 60g